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About NAATI CCL Course

NAATI CCL Test assesses the aspirant’s language skills at a community level in many languages. The test assesses how well a candidate can translate the conversation dialogues from English to their choice of language and vice versa. The IGP Visa Centre experts help the aspirants to take the NAATI CCL test in 8 different languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Nepali, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, and Sinhalese.
A test taker has to listen to a recording and interpret the ongoing conversation in another language. They get both English dialogues and dialogues in their chosen language to have a thorough assessment of their interpretation skills from/to English.


What is the pattern of NAATI CCL Test?
NAATI CCL Test has recorded conversation dialogues. Each recording has two dialogues of 300 words each. These both recordings must be translated and interpreted in half an hour. Each recording has some segments of 35 words which each carries 45 marks. Securing a minimum of 29 in each dialogue is a requisite for qualifying the NAATI CCL test successfully.

  • You must make sure to learn only from a good NAATI CCL coaching to achieve the highest score possible.
  • NAATI CCL Online Classes let you hone your translation and interpretation skills with the ease of accessing the course from anywhere you want. You can easily balance your underlying commitments and NAATI CCL training by attending NAATI CCL online coaching.
  • Enroll in a NAATI CCL online course by IGP Visa Centre and upscale your English Translation and Interpretation skills!


What all does the NAATI online course at IGP Visa Centre NAATI CCL training center Includes?
At IGP Visa Centre, our NAATI CCL online course curriculum includes modules strategized after carefully assessing your skills. We understand how important this NAATI CCL online course is for you to claim five additional CCL points towards your Australian permanent residency. You can quickly take your scores to peak with our proven strategies and personalized feedback that are made to help you prepare better and improve your performance.


IGP Visa Centre NAATI CCL class
This Class consists of preparation with a list of all the comprehensive vocabulary as well as dialogues with sample answers.

  • experienced-trainer
  • Vocabulary in 7 different categories
  • A complete list of 2000+ words is included and explained in the various native language along with the translation.
  • star-ribbon
  • Mock tests like real-time Exam
  • The feel of the actual test environment helps you to understand properly what can you expect and how to perform.
  • book
  • Comprehensive practice dialogue
  • Dialogues from different categories and scenarios similar to the ones that came in previous exams are included in it.
  • settings
  • 80+ practice dialogues
  • Dialogue with sample responses and answers prepared by certified interpreters are included.
  • support
  • Last-minute package

Short packages are given with tips to boost your confidence and prepare well before the Exam.

Let’s make your learning meaningful and successful!


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