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School Visa with a parent

Schooling in Australia with a Parent – The Australian School visa allows international students to enter Australia to study at a primary school, secondary school and High School. The Student Guardian visa allows a parent to remain in Australia as a guardian of an international student on a student visa for up to five years.

In order to approve a student visa under 18 years of age, It needs to be satisfied with Accommodation and welfare requirements. The student lives in with a parent.There must be acceptable arrangements for the student general welfare for the student.The parent has a right to remain until the student turns 18 years of age

All schools must be registered with the education department. English is the official language of Australia, New Zealand, UK and Singapore. The main language of Teaching is English in the education system. The education provider advises you to meet the level of English language you need. If you need English language preparation course to meet these requirements, you can also study an English course.

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