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Skilled-Recognized Graduate visa (subclass 476)

If you are a recent university engineering graduate then you may be eligible for the Skilled – Recognized Graduate Visa. This visa allows engineering graduates to live in Australia for 18 months. You have full work rights and can choose your own employer. Institutions with Washington Accord accreditation meet the requirements for this visa, as do a select number of other universities and technical colleges from around the world.

The Skilled Recognition Visa Subclass 476 is a visa of Australia which permits the engineering graduates to come and reside as well as work in the country for 18 months. It states that you must have completed your studies from a university within the past two years. The applicant should not be above 31 years. you can continue residing in the country by extending this visa. The visa holder can get their loved ones also while residing in the country. There is no restriction on travelling to any other country and return to Australia for as many times as you want.

What Is Subclass 476 Visa Requirements?
  • You must be below 31 years.
  • Must be a qualified engineer or contain higher qualification in the past 2 years.
  • Should meet the health and character requirements.
  • Should have proper English Proficiency.
  • The applicant must not hold any other visa such as Subclass 476 or Subclass 485.
  • Must be in the best knowledge of the children below 18 years.


The Subclass 476 Checklist will help you to explain the process of how to get Australian Visa Subclass 476
  • Verify your passport and 476 visa conditions and organize health exams if it is required.
  • Collect all your documents such as qualification certificate, English proficiency test, identity card, etc.
  • Apply for 476 skilled graduate visas in the paper.
  • You can be anywhere while applying it, but you need to be outside the country while the visa is granted.
  • After the application has reached, check with the authority if they need any more details or not. If it is required, then submit the required details at the earliest.
  • After that, if the application is accepted, then your visa will be granted and you will receive all the information related to the visa such as date of start of the visa, grant number, etc.
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