Student Visa


Student Visa

Student Visa subclass 500

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Australia, has a special visa for students that allow them to stay inside the Australian territory for the duration of 5 years for their selected course. The course must be registered under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students or CRICOS and it must be a full-time course within the stipulated time of five years in any recognized Australian institution. This visa is known as the student visa subclass 500

Student Visa Extension – Stay Longer

Does your current Australian visa expire soon? You can apply for a further student visa in Australia if your current visa is not subject to a No Further Stay condition and you hold a pre-qualifying visa. Renew your Student Visa with IGP. We can help you extend your Australian stay. IGP is an Australian student agency providing FREE assistance in Australia.

Change your University

University fees are so high – It can take time to settle into your course and university life. students feel they want to transfer to another course, or a different university or college. There is a lot to consider when making your decision. If you think the university or college where you are studying is not quite right for you. It is possible to transfer onto a different university or college.

Bringing your Family

Inviting your family to live – An international student who enters Australia with a student visa to pursue an academic course of 12 months or longer duration is allowed to bring close family members as dependents. Australian immigration rules allow spouses, unmarried children of less than 18 years to be eligible for dependent student visas.

School Visa with a parent

Schooling in Australia with a Parent – The Australian School visa allows international students to enter Australia to study at a primary school, secondary school and High School. The Student Guardian visa allows a parent to remain in Australia as a guardian of an international student on a student visa for up to five years.

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